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The very best way to show support for independent music is through crowd funding. New and upcoming artists heavily rely on the support of fans, a precious buffer for the cash-flow peaks and troughs which are synonymous with independent musicianship. Without it, music production can be reduced to a stand still while “making ends meet” of course takes priority.


You can donate to help keep the creative process going!

As a special thank you, donators receive exclusive insider newsletters (news first, plans and projects, albums and new music first) and access to behind the scenes vlogs - video diaries following Rachel around the studio, on tours, and some premieres of live videos!

It’s super easy to do - there are two ways to donate whatever amount you feel:

  • One off donation via PayPal.me

  • a recurring monthly donation (opt out at any time) via Patreon


We invite you to become part of the Croft family - Last year we were overwhelmed with the show of support for Hours Awake the debut album, which in the end was over 95% Crowdfunded- thank you so much! We hope you enjoyed your free albums donators, and found your names in the album booklet!

Also special shout out to Patreoners for their continued monthly support- last month that money went on recording a Fender Rhodes and a telecaster for the new single!

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