HOURS AWAKE, the debut album is now set to be officially released on the 8th February 2019 (full list of songs available HERE). Thank you so much to all donators, with your help the album has been fully funded! Enjoy your albums, and look out for your names in the album booklet!

Next up is a single due mid-late 2019. In order to keep Rachel creating music, donations are greatly appreciated. In return, as a minimum, donators gain access to behind the scenes footage, and are first to receive news on shows, tours and other updates. As an independent artist, donations from the public are heavily relied on to fund costly recording, alleviating cash flow issues that come with being a small scale full time musician.

There are a few ways to support the project and keep the single on track: you can donate a one-off amount of your choice via PayPal, or monthly via Patreon. Please be sure to not withhold your email when you donate, so access can be given to vlogs, updates and rewards. Any and all contributions are very much appreciated, as is any sharing of music and spreading the word!