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Only Dreams is the first single from Rachel's debut album, released in November 2017. 

Rachel’s debut album ‘Hours Awake’ will officially be released on the 8th February 2019 (to support Rachel and gain early access to the album and future releases, behind the scenes footage or to learn more, Get Involved, or contact). A collection of first songs 2014-2017, this original album was co-produced by Rachel herself.

The physical copies of the album also have intricate illustrations inside drawn by Rachel, under her illustrator name '“Croft Illustrated". Tracks include:

  • Old Climbing Tree

  • Hear Me

  • In Blue

  • Only Dreams

  • Don’t Feel Like Holding On

  • Rainier Day

  • Change Your Mind

  • Hot Rain

  • Long Were The Hours

  • 6,000 Miles

  • Can’t Replace Your Perfect